Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School

“ Light, life, love”


St Peter - Reception

Mrs Hatzidakis                                     Mrs Wadia


Welcome to Reception, 

We started the term settling the children, helping them become familiar with class and school routines, the adults and areas around the school. The children have been brilliant and we thank you for your support in following routines and encouraging them. 

Our first topic this term is ‘Ourselves’. We have been busy leaning new songs, painting portraits and talking about our similarities and differences. 

The children enjoyed participating in the ‘Water Aid’ fund raising event. We learnt about the charity and its good work trying to help everyone have access to clean water. 

Our RE topic this half term is ‘God’s World’.

We have been learning about God loving and caring for us and how God created the world.


We will soon be starting Phase 2 of the “letters and Sounds’ phonics programme.

In Phase 2, letters and their sounds are introduced one at a time. A set of letters is taught each week, in the following sequence:

Set 1: s, a, t, p
Set 2: i, n, m, d
Set 3: g, o, c, k
Set 4: ck, e, u, r
Set 5: h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss

As soon as each set of letters is introduced, children will be encouraged to use their knowledge of the letter sounds to blend and sound out words. For example, they will learn to blend the sounds s-a-t to make the word sat.

Letters and Sounds is a phonics resource published by the Department for Education and Skills in 2007. It sets out a detailed and systematic programme for teaching phonic skills for children starting by the age of five, with the aim of them becoming fluent readers by age seven.

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The children will change their books every Monday and Thursday. Please share these books with your children and record your comments in their reading records.

Reading Books

When your child is ready to bring home a reading book please take time to help your child sound out and blend new and unfamiliar words. 

Please help us by making sure books are returned to school every day and that book bags are checked daily for letters and information.

Wow cards

Throughout the year we will be compiling a Learning Journey, showing your child’s comments, photos and work from both school and home. The Wow cards are a way for you to record those moments when your child says or does something that makes you think 'Wow'! I haven’t seen you say or do that before.  The Wow cards or work can then be shared with the rest of the class before being placed in your child's Learning Journey.  

Developmental Matters 

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This guidance helps adults to understand and support each individual child’s development pathway 

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Thank you for your support 


Mrs Hatzidakis and Mrs Wadia