Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School

“ Light, life, love”

St Maurice - Year 3




Class Teacher - Ms Thompson

Teaching Assistant - Miss Lazzeretto


What you do today can improve all your tomorrows. - Ralph Marston 


This year  the pupils will be introduced to a variety of new topics as well as building on knowledge already established. They will learn how to write well structured sentences and turn them into paragraphs. Gain a better understanding of the world through our topic lessons.


Adventure story based on The Hodgeheg by Dick King Smith.

Reading different poems and using nouns and adjectives to creating images.

Using stories about Christmas to write newspaper reports and letters.



Doubling/halving numbers up to 100 using partitioning. 

understanding fractions and fractions of numbers.

using money to add/subtract/record using the correct notation £p

Add/subtract 2 and 3-digits numbers using partitioning.

Placing 2 and 3-digit numbers on a number line.

Rounding 3-digit numbers to the nearest 100.


RE - Mary, Mother of God

We will learn about how God called Mary and how Mary responded to God's call.

Understand about Hail Mary and reflect on Mary's role as our Mother.

Know what Advent and Christmas means.



In the mornings the focus will be on Maths and English. Each day differs but will include a variety of subjects such as science, history, RE, PE, and ICT.


All pupils need to bring their PE kit on Monday and keep it in school until Friday. Please make sure that all clothing are labelled.


Homework is given to the children once a week. They receive this work on Friday and we ask for it to be handed in no later than Wednesday the following week. We expect parents to review this work with their children, as well as reading with them each evening.

There is an emphasis in year3 on handwriting and spelling.  Please encourage your child to write in a cursive style if they are not already doing so.