Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School

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Pupil Voice

Welcome to our Pupil Voice Page. 


We are democratically elected class representatives who sit on the School Council.  Our work is to improve the school and make our school a fantastic place to be.

Last November '15, we met Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham, and he spoke to us about how to be excellent young leaders.

The Pupil Voice representatives meet every three weeks to discuss aspects that affect all the children, school community and adults that work here.


Topics include: Traffic around our school, playground rules, anti-bullying campaigns, class wishlists and all business relating to the whole school community.


Year 3:                                       Michelle and Vincent

Year 4:                                       Aydan and Trinity

Year 5: St. Elizabeth:                Deanna and Jonathan

Year 5: St. Helena:                   Nathaniel and Maddie W.

Year 6:                                      Jayda and Kyra


Chairperson: Jayda

Secretary: Kyra

Leading the meetings: Mr. Howe


Watch a time lapse from one of our meetings in progress. 








New Pupil Voice elected - September 2016

It was a tough contest between all classes, majority votes for new Pupil Voice Prefects