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Nursery - St Paul


Welcome to St. Paul Nursery!

Miss Clarke, Miss Harvey and Miss Kelliher


Nursery Newsletter


Parents with children who are not yet nursery age there is a Stay and Play every Tuesday morning from 9.30 – 10.15. If you can please give a £1 donation each week you go. It’s a great place to meet other mums and for your children to make new friends. Everyone is welcome! 


We had a special visit from some chefs from the Green Man. They talked to us about healthy eating and food waste. We made caterpillars out of some different fruits and vegetables. We know that we need to eat our 5 a day and we each tried a fruit or vegetable that we wouldn’t normally eat! A big thank you to Shereene and Freya who came in to help us! J Our afternoon children weren’t in when we made fruit caterpillars so instead we made healthy pizza with them. They put lots of vegetables on them for toppings!




We went to see the digger across the road, the road workers are people who help us. They keep the road safe and all of the pipes underneath working.  





Mr Mussett built us our sandpit. THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE PARENTS WHO DONATED TO THE FUN FUND, we used the fun fund to make our sandpit!